Milan Furniture Exhibition and Milan Design Week 2016: Titanium is getting more and more a key material

The Milan Furniture Exhibition week has just ended; the meeting took place in different Milan areas, this year too, with so many collateral events which has marked the style and the design of Milan, capital city of Lombardy and reference point so much appreciated and admired all over the world.

If we consider both the furniture Exhibition and the design week, we can say that the city did teem with innovative ideas, design developments and style for days; moreover let’s consider that titanium has played a leading role in the designers and companies material choice who exhibited their works from the 12th to 17th April.

This ductile material - rich in properties and partially known to most people - is getting more and more important thanks to the continuous research developments, so much to be used in an increasing number of applications (for example the AddMe.lab we wrote about few days ago).

During the furniture design week we have seen several  titanium uses: for example the “water titanium sculpture” by Giacomini Design, namely some taps which take advantage of the properties of this material above all of its corrosion resistance – consequently they remain clean, efficient, perfect, almost new. Another example: the installation by Ottica Giormas’ friends in collaboration with Titalia company; those who visited the shop in via Santa Maria Segreta in Milan, in Cordusio area, could watch a real “titanium man”

Another titanium use, in the field of the design creation items, has been proposed by Enessere together with Hercules that is a wind turbine, lighter than the normal one in fiberglass and able to resist against atmospheric agents thanks to the titanium use; moreover we can mention Brompton Nickel edition, a folded bike produced in limited edition (only about 1500 pcs are available). Its super light version is made by using some titanium parts in order to offer manageability and lightness but without losing in resistance that is necessary against the pitfall of the city streets.

Even more, the watches world leader producer TAG Heuer has shown the Carrera Connected Watch during the furniture exhibition, an innovative smart watch that does not abandon the beauty of the most famous TAG models and combines the water resistance with the necessary lightness which is required not to provide hassle wrist.

If we consider the fact that the furniture  exhibition and design week have been a reference point for the design state-of-art for years, we can say that titanium is one of the most suitable materials to let creativity flow and to create durable, fashion, long lasting items like few other material can do.



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