Just Believe it

Our daily effort to offer a high standard quality proposal to customers implies moments of quiet reflection and comparison that help us to be positive and proactive. 

Our company’s owner, Mr Riboldi, has provided some valuable inputs which have inspired us and that we are glad to share with you.

It’s always nice and positive to believe in something. It’s even better when our dreams become true. I am trying to make sense of my journey to North Cape and to understand if I set myself a challenge or if I just wanted to have fun on my motorbike so seldom used during the year. 

Only those who ride a bike can understand that travelling 2,609 miles km (and 5,418 in total) in order to reach the northernmost part in Europe means facing dangers, making sacrifices.

One needs strength, conviction, concentration and why not physical strength. When you ride a bike you cannot afford to make one single mistake. It could be fatal. When you are on a saddle you become one with your bike, that is why you have to know your own limits to ride a bike safely. 

Sometimes it may not be enough. We must worry about other people’s safety and poor weather conditions. In case of rain everything becomes more and more difficult: you can slide, braking distance gets longer and longer, visibility diminishes. Moreover after 7/8 hours rain you can get cold and wet. You can have a puncture, as happened to me therefore it is necessary to face the situation at once so as to drive off nicely.

I am writing about my journey made at the age of 65 but I ‘d like to give another meaning to this experience. I am referring to some values and I wonder if they are the very ones that should accompany my life to believe in a better future. For example not to give up easily, to persist in reaching the goals. You need perseverance and tenacity and a little of obstinacy no matter the circumstances or what other people think about it.

I do not want to provide an answer but during this difficult economical period I think that companies shouldn’t stop their activity but they ought to face new challenges, to plan strategies with renewed force just like during a bike ride.

That’s what I‘d like to share with people who are truly passionate about their work, right like me.

Marco Riboldi



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