Health and Safety: Our Choice

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the reference body for the prevention of industrial injuries and the awareness about health protection and environmental respect in the working environment.

Titalia wanted to adhere to those standards of health and safety to align itself with the international guidelines upon which molding the company's attention towards very important issues such as the safety on the workplace for every person involved no matter the position (employees, consultants, customers, etc.).

Moreover, Titalia contributes concretely to the environmental protection through actions with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of its productive processes like the considerable pollution reduction, the waste disposal according to the law and the investment in renewable energy sources (also through the installation of photovoltaic panels).

The safety and health on the workplace, as well as environmental protection, are issues on which we hope companies will grow a greater sensibility day by day despite all the efforts (economical and more) that those involvements imply, abundantly repaid by a considerable improvement of the working environment quality.

The change in positive is touchable and, beyond the mere administrative fulfillments, for Titalia to adhere to HSE standards wants to be a public declaration of commitment and also the perpetuation of a road made of attention taken long time ago and that Titalia wants to continue with greater and greater determination.



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