15 years of Titalia: a life passion for titanium

In its firsts 15 years of activity, Titalia contributed with expertise, passion and energy to the diffusion and employment of this material not only in Italy but also in Europe: not just through the commerce but also through the pursuit of excellence in the production of maximum quality forgings.

The experience and creativity of the founders conduct wisely the company inside the titanium supply chain, also through a cooperation network with companies, university departments and research institutes.

The deep study of the titanium, the quality of our working processes and the accurate choice of the material and the employed machineries, allow Titalia to introduce into the market innovative products, realized with extreme care by our qualified technical Staff.

The strict control in every stage of the working process is a guarantee for the employment of our products also in particularly complex structures. Among the different possible employments there are, for example, the use of titanium in naval plants or in the realization of components for machines which undergo extreme stress.

Moreover, the regular and farsighted reinvestment of the company profits allowed Titalia to grow larger and to become an even more important reference point inside an ever growing market.




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