The Company

In 2022 Titalia celebrates in great shape 25 years of life. Founded in 1997 by Marco Riboldi, an internationally renowned expert in the production and processing of titanium and Manuel Riboldi, an experienced salesman, Titalia immediately became a real reference point for the employment of this material, making the way for titanium utilization increase both in Italy and all over the world.

Nowadays Titalia is a reliable partner: big multinationals and firms belonging to every field rely on Titalia when they have to employ this material, often in adverse environmental conditions.

The excellence obtained in 25 years of uninterrupted improvements, achieved without distracting from its goal, conjoins with the flexibility of a structure able to realize several craftings in total autonomy, selecting and employing superior quality CP Titanium (Commercially Pure), called “Titanio Titalia”.

Chosing to work with Titalia means working with a partner able to guarantee a maximum level expertise; moreover, the LLOYDS and Norsok M-650 Rev.4 certifications are unquestioned proofs of absolute reliability.


In the heart of Lombardy, Titalia is located nearby the main ground and air transport links, a big advantage for the extremely quick delivery times. Local deliveries are carried out with Titalia's own fleet, while for national and international deliveries the company uses selected carriers.

Brugherio Office

Via Don Luigi Talamoni, 83
20861 Brugherio (MB)
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The Staff

Expertise, proficiency and passion: 25 years of extreme concentration on titanium processing mean discovering every criticality and potential of the material, in a constant process of optimization which allows to offer to the market products and services at maximum levels, also thanks to the continuous comparison with universities in a so called “open innovation” process.

Marco Riboldi

Chief Executive Officer

Always committed to the steel sector, at the beginning of 90's Mr. Riboldi deepens his knowledge of titanium, gaining a more and more specific experience, from which arose the decision of investing his own professional carrier in the processing of the material still known as “the iron of the future”.

Job Opportunities

Are you already experienced in Titanium processing or other titanium related activities? Send us your resumee to let us know more about yourself and your skills.

At current there are no specific job openings, you may send your resumee using the online form




Global quality of Titalia processes is certified by LLOYD'S REGISTER according to ISO 9001 : 2015  and chapt. 1 par. 4.3 of PED (pressure equipment directive )2014/68/EU for titanium supply for all pressure equipment.

It's a very important certification for Titalia: the supply of maximum quality craftings and materials is a clear company mission which allowed Titalia to appear in the closed list of NORSOK M-650 qualified suppliers, an essential prerequisite for the supply of companies operating in the North Sea in need of reliability without compromise.


HSE: Health, Safety & Environment

Titalia SPA considers workplace health, safety and welfare and environmental protection to be of a fundamental  importance, as a primary  core value.

Titalia  recognizes that  health and safety in the workplace is a right and both employees and visitors are  responsible for safety.

It is possible to prevent any kind of accident and, for this reason, every  individual working for Titalia collaborates within the spirit of our vision and policy and the management of Titalia will provide competent advice ,support  and training to all the employees in order to keep them informed and  well trained and to prevent all injuries at the workplace.

We work to protect the environment and to reduce pollution and we dispose of the waste in a responsible way and according to the laws, investing when possible in renewable energy sources.

Titalia SPA recognizes its responsibility and will strive to inform and train all the employees in order to provide and maintain procedures for a safe and healthy workplace and to avoid damages to the environment.

Titalia SPA will make sure that each employee is aware of the own integrated company policy; a copy of this paper is published on our website.

Code of Ethics

In February 2013 Titalia put into writing the ethical values that have always been at the base of its actions: compliance with the laws, transparency, management fair play, confidence, cooperation and the centrality of the individual are among the most important concepts which led to a deep consideration and specific choices, set down in the first version of the Titalia's code of ethics, a document that everyone can consult (it is currently available in Italian).

Working in accordance with our code of ethics enriches Titalia's daily commitment and allows us to lay stronger foundation for the future of our business reality which is constantly under construction. We want our code of ethics to be integral part of a society which aims to be more and more civilized.

With this in mind Titalia shares and promotes the 10 principles of the United Nations Global compact.